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INERCO CORPORACIÓN EMPRESARIAL,S.L., with registered address at Parque Tecnológico Isla de la Cartuja, calle Tomás Alba Edison, nº2, 41092 Seville and with email address [email protected], hereby informs its website users about its personal data protection policy so users may freely and voluntarily provide personal their data to INERCO CORPORACIÓN EMPRESARIAL, S.L. ,as requested or obtained from users in order to subscribe to, or register with, any of the services offered by INERCO CORPORACIÓN EMPRESARIAL, S.L. on the Website or via the Website. INERCO CORPORACIÓN EMPRESARIAL, S.L. reserves the right to amend this policy in order to adapt it to legal or legislative updates and to industry practices. In such cases, INERCO CORPORACIÓN EMPRESARIAL, S.L. will communicate any changes made on the website with sufficient notice prior to implementing the change.


Registration of files and forms

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Basic Data Protection Information

Purpose of data processing To respond to your queries/requests and manage your relationship with us; inform you of future events, promotions, services and/or products that may be of interest to you by any means, including electronically.
Lawful basis for processing data Consent given by the data subject to respond to his or her query and for sending promotional information.
Recipients Data shall be transferred to companies within the INERCO group in order to respond to your queries/requests and to manage your relationship with us; inform you of future events, promotions, services and/or products that may be of interest to you by any means, including electronically.
International data transfers shall not be made.
Rights You may exercise your right to access, rectify and cancel the handling of your data, together with other rights, as explained in the additional information section.
Additional information You may check the additional and detailed Data Protection information on the website.


Data Protection Additional Information

Who is the personal data controller?

Identity: INERCO CORPORACIÓN EMPRESARIAL, S.L. – Company Tax Code (CIF): B90040130

Mailing address: Parque Tecnológico de la Cartuja, calle Tomás Alba Edison, nº2, 41092 Seville.

Telephone: 954468100

E-mail:[email protected]


Why do we process your personal data?

We process your data to respond to your queries/requests and to manage your relationship with us and to send, by any means, including electronic means, promotional information and publications about our products and services and organised activities.

Your contact details used for these purposes will be retained until you notify us otherwise.

Automated individual decisions will not be made and profiles will not be created.


What is the legal basis for processing your data?

Please bear in mind that, pursuant to applicable data protection regulations, your personal data may be processed if:

  • You have given us your consent to process your data (as described in the privacy notice related to that particular processing). For clarification purposes, you are entitled to withdraw your consent at any given time; or
  • Processing is necessary for the purpose of our legitimate interests; or
  • It is required to execute a contract, which you form part of; or
  • It is required by Law.


Who will we disclose your data to?

Data shall be communicated to companies within the INERCO group in order to respond to your queries/requests and manage your relationship with us and to send you information about products and services that may be of interest to you by any means, including electronically.

Furthermore, your data will be disclosed to Public Administrations as requested pursuant to legal provisions.

The disclosure of data between companies within the INERCO group, shall be carried out guaranteeing the security measures established in existing legislation by using management software tools and pursuant to data protection policies issued by INERCO CORPORACIÓN EMPRESARIAL, S.L. that guarantee data are processed in accordance with the requirements established in existing Data Protection laws.

International data transfers shall not be made.


What are your rights when you submit your data to us?

Data subjects are entitled to obtain confirmation as to whether or not we are processing their personal data.

Data subjects are entitled to access their personal data and request that inaccurate data be rectified or, if applicable, request that these data be cancelled, if, among other reasons, the data are no longer required for the purpose for which they were obtained.

Data subjects are entitled to revoke or withdraw the consent given to process their data for specific purposes at any given time.

In some circumstances and for reasons related to their particular situation, data subjects may oppose the processing of their data or part thereof, in which case, we shall refrain from processing the data, unless we need to comply with mandatory disclosures.

In some circumstances, data subjects may request the limitation of the processing of their data, in which case, we shall only retain the data to defend against or enforce legal claims and to comply with any legal obligations.

In some circumstances (if data is processed electronically and this is based on the consent given by the data subjects), data subjects may request their data under the portability regime in order to transfer these to another data controller.

Data subjects may exercise their rights by writing to the Data Controller at Parque Tecnológico de la Cartuja, calle Tomás Alba Edison, nº2, 41092 Seville, [email protected], and they may obtain forms to exercise these rights at

Data subjects may submit claims before the Spanish Data Protection Agency if they are unable to exercise their rights in a satisfactory manner, ( Likewise, data subject may obtain additional information regarding their rights by access the Spanish Data Protection Agency (

INERCO CORPORACIÓN EMPRESARIAL, S.L. provides Users with appropriate technical resources to enable them to access this Privacy Policy notice, or any other relevant information and so they can give their consent for INERCO CORPORACIÓN EMPRESARIAL, S.L. to process their Personal Data by automated means. Unless a field indicates otherwise, the answers to the questions regarding Personal Data are voluntary and failing to answer any questions will not affect the quality or quantity of the relevant services, unless stated otherwise.



The purpose of processing the personal data you provide is clearly defined in the preceding sub-section for each of our sections in which data may be collected.


Exercising rights

The manner in which you may exercise your rights is clearly defined in the preceding sub-section for all our sections in which data may be collected.


Accuracy and veracity of the data provided

Users guarantee and are responsible, in any event, for the accuracy, validity and authenticity of the personal data they provide, and they undertake to keep these duly updated.

Users can exercise their rights recognised by law, which include the rights to access, cancel, rectify, oppose, and limit the processing of their data and the right to data portability; their right to be informed regarding any disclosures of their data are also recognised by contacting INERCO CORPORACIÓN EMPRESARIAL, S.L. by email [email protected].

INERCO CORPORACIÓN EMPRESARIAL, S.L. shall not be liable for the veracity of information when this is not compiled by the company and when a different source is indicated, neither shall it be liable for any hypothetical damages that could arise from the use of such information.

INERCO CORPORACIÓN EMPRESARIAL, S.L. reserves the right to update, amend or eliminate the information that appears on its Web pages and may even restrict or not allow access to such information.

INERCO CORPORACIÓN EMPRESARIAL, S.L. shall be held harmless from and against any liability for damages or losses Users may suffer as a result of errors, defects or omissions in the information provided by INERCO CORPORACIÓN EMPRESARIAL, S.L. providing this is from sources unrelated to INERCO CORPORACIÓN EMPRESARIAL, S.L.




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Security measures

INERCO CORPORACIÓN EMPRESARIAL, S.L. has adopted appropriate security measures for the protection of personal data, by installing the necessary technical measures on its systems and files to guarantee confidentiality when processing data, preventing the loss or alteration of, and/or unauthorised access to, the data.


Acceptance and Consent

The User hereby declares that he/she has been informed of the terms and conditions regarding the protection of personal data, accepting and agreeing to the automated processing thereof by INERCO CORPORACIÓN EMPRESARIAL, S.L., in the manner and for the purposes indicated in the information clauses in each of the sections in which personal data may be collected.